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Latest News on the EMS Site

Toms River is beginning the planning process for the previous EMS site. For this summer it will be used just for parking while plans are developed. Toms River has agreed to include OBVTA in the planning and design process. The site has some limitations due to size and the requirement to build to rigorous flood standards. A recent Shorebeat article can be read HERE

This is What Finished Dunes Look Like

Below are some pictures of the completed dune and beach project in Mantaloking. While ours will not be identical, they will be similar and the handicap ramps shown here are similar to those that will be built down to the beach from each guardhouse. Timing for the project in Ortley Beach is still uncertain, but probably late summer or fall. We will keep you informed as soon as the US Army Corps provides more certain timing.

Latest Spring News

The paving project is proceeding rapidly. As of today most of the streets west of Washington Ave are finished. Also, most of the streets east of Rte 35 North are finished. What an improvement! Ortley Beach is looking great. See pictures of the ongoing work below.