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Beach Replenishment Advancing

The Dune and beach replenishment project is slowly continuing north along Ortley Beach. The entrance at Harding Ave is now open. Entrances at Coolidge and Fort are now open. The entrance at Fielder is now closed, but looks like it will open soon as the path is mostly constructed. Replenishment is currently active in front of the old Surf Club site.

Toms River continues to post updates in “Notices” at their website HERE

The seven pictures below were taken on September 6th.

The three pictures below were taken on August 31st.

You can see pictures taken August 16th below.

BeachJam a Success Yet Again!

Despite the on again off again weather, the 4th annual BeachJam was a great success! We successfully dodged the raindrops, AND the thunder and lightning and had a really good time.

A big thank you to Rick Jurgens for leading the volunteer effort to make it a success – and to the nearly 40 volunteers who all gave their time and effort.

Last but not least, thank you to all the local business sponsors who donated gifts and donations to the event. Local businesses donated over $4,000 to help defray the costs. See the list of supporting businesses HERE .

Pictures are below.