Ortley Beach Strategic Plan


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Strategic Plan for Ortley Beach Storm Sandy Revitalization Project

The OBVTA solicited concerns and recommendations from the membership at one of the 2014 monthly membership meetings concerning the strengths and weaknesses of Ortley Beach which would be referenced at the time of reconstruction of the community. Additionally a Strategic Planning Committee was formed to develop specific objectives as recommended by the membership. The committee was then requested to identify specific activities that would assist in the implementation of the identified objectives. Finally the OBVTA Board of Directors reviewed the work of the committee and the recommendations of the membership and approved the following objectives and action items for consideration by the Township of Toms River, the County of Ocean and the State of New Jersey as reconstruction activities are implemented.

Following is a listing of the objectives and recommended action items. OBVTA and its Directors stand ready to assist the political subdivisions as they work to reconstruct and hopefully enhance our community.

Objectives for Ortley Beach Beautification-Revitalization Project include:

1. Provide for enhancement of recreational and parkland areas of Ortley Beach:

  • Install attractive and consistent benches along the boardwalk
  • Provide a view of the bay with benches and
  • Provide Bay access via boat ramp or kayak ramp
  • Create a parkland at a portion of the MUA Property
  • Install bocce courts at the recreational facilities
  • Implement running paths on Bay Avenue
  • Provide ADA Compliant playground equipment at all recreational
  • Create “Vest Pocket Parks” as land becomes available
  • Use Blue Acres Funding to obtain funding for property acquisition
  • Rebuild Bayside Staff the parks with a full time person

2. Provide for enhancement of Business District and Gateway to Ortley Beach:

  • Change street lights to lamplights in all areas of Ortley
  • Place a façade / welcome signage at the North and South entrance to Ortley Beach
  • Locate planters evenly along route 35 N&S
  • Encourage business owners to enhance their facades with a common look
  • Install brick pavers adjacent to sidewalks along route 35
  • Enhance route 35 north with shrubs, stone and Continually maintain area
  • Provide attractive  refuse  containers  along  Route  35,  Bay  ,    Ocean  Ave  and Bayside Park
Officer Directors At Large Directors
Paul Jeffrey, President Kathy Barisciano
Mel Persi, Vice President Joseph Cantalupo
Toni Tomarazzo, Secretary Cathy Crisafulli
Steve Sherrill, Treasurer Joan Strathern
Mike Wymbs

3. Improve communications between the residents of Ortley Beach and the Township Council:

  • Establish a committee to meet monthly with a committee of the governing ‘
  • Encourage a resident to run for Council to adequately represent Ortley
  • OBVTA to maintain a current web site for information

4. Provide for an attractive and welcoming environment in Ortley Beach:

  • Apply a consistent look/theme throughout Ortley Beach (Dolphin Theme?)
  • Plant new salt tolerant trees
  • Planters along roadway
  • Install pavers at selected crosswalks
  • Remove grass from median and along route 35 S and replace with stone or

5. Ensure   effective   maintenance   of   the   beach   and   environs   (e.g.,   surroundings, neighborhood, locality):

  • Establish a committee of OBVTA Members to constantly monitor the beach and parking lots
  • Maintain natural environment at beach; avoid unnecessary poles and wiring, e. loudspeakers along boardwalk and dune signs, etc.
  • Encourage OBVTA Members to adopt portions of the beach
  • Develop a plan to improve the maintenance of route 35 South

6. Provide for a community meeting location in Ortley Beach:

  • Immediately meet with representatives of the OBVTA to solicit needs with respect to the replacement of the Ortley Beach First Aid Building
  • Provide a facility for community meetings and social events
  • Provide for a police, EMS station, and fire engine at the former location of the First Aid Squad Bldg

7. Ensure that an effective street and sewer cleaning plan is implemented:

  • Publish a schedule of routine street sweeping and drain cleaning

If you have ideas or recommendations about how to make Ortley Beach more resilient to future storms, or about ways to make Ortley Beach a better community in the future, please feel free to email or call Dave Roberts of Maser Consulting at his contact information:

David G. Roberts, AICP/PP, LLA, RLA
Senior Associate
Maser Consulting P.A.
EMAIL: DRoberts@maserconsulting.com
PHONE: 732.383.1950 ext: 3234

OBVTA provided Toms River with a copy of our recently completed 2014 Strategic Plan for Ortley Beach. We received feedback that this document will be extremely helpful, especially the specific recommendations, and will be provided to the consultant.