Toms River Continues to Provide Aid

Toms River continues to aid those who need assistance with addressing “substantial damage” letters. They have assigned members of the Building department to help homeowners understand the best action to take. You can also contact the Township engineer, Bob Chankalian at

The 2012 tax assessment (determined in October of 2011) should have been used as the basis for the pre-storm structure value assessment. If this was not the case for you, please contact township engineer Bob Chankalian.

Stop FEMA Now

Stop FEMA Now:

A grassroots organization called “Stop FEMA Now” has formed and is providing useful information regarding the proposed FEMA maps, the rebuilding process, and whether to reopen your flood insurance claim. Please check out their webpage and join them on Facebook or Twitter.

StopFEMANow is a group of concerned citizens, who have not only been effected by Super Storm Sandy, but who have been impacted on varying levels by the implications of the new FEMA flood maps. The decision to adopt these maps is premature and requires additional consideration. We want to, quite simply, Stop FEMA Now!

If you’re interested in joining our movement please share these links, spread the word, and visit

stopfemanow website stopfemanow facebook