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Ortley Beach March and Rally for the Dunes

OBVTA Members, Residents and Friends of Ortley Beach,

Thank you all for a hugely successful July 18th march and rally for the dunes. Over 500 people participated!
We got great news coverage in the papers, online and on TV.
This kind of effort by all of you is making a difference.

Now that we have the letter (in writing!) from Commissioner Martin of NJ DEP agreeing that the dune and beach replenishment project can be completed in sections, the OBVTA Board will continue to work with Toms River, our State legislators and surrounding communities to obtain more easements and push for action on the eminent domain process. We will have future communications with NJ DEP and keep you informed.

Attached are a few pictures and links to articles and news stories that covered the event on Saturday.
Enjoy, you made it happen.

Also is a link to a great documentary from our Trenton rally which is airing on Asbury Park TV. Thank you to Kelly McKenna for this!

Paul Jeffrey, President, OBVTA

Please click on the link below to view Video and Pics of the Rally on Saturday 7/18. (Compliments of Stop FEMA Now)
Rally to raise the Dunes in Ortley, NJ Lead up Story: Story:

News 12 Story (for subscribers only):

Link to Documentary from Rally to Trenton: