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Please Help Minimize Toms River Tax Increases

As you may know, we will be facing and increase of over 5% in our municipal taxes from Toms River for this year. There are a number of reasons for this. Please take action to help!

One reason is increasing operating costs despite the Township’s effort to control them. Another reason is a court decision regarding a lower assessed value for the BASF property (formerly Ciba Geigy) which will result in significantly reduced taxes on that large tract. All of our property taxes will increase to make up for that loss.

A third reason for the tax increase is that FEMA has decided that Toms River must pay back a $5 million loan that was expected to be a grant. Toms River is anticipating that the payment on this loan will be about $1.25 million for 2020.

To address this last issue, we ask you to send a letter to your congressmen and senators. If you live in Ortley Beach, you can use the two letters at the links below. Just print them and add the date and your name and address at the bottom, and mail.

Letter to Congressman Kim

Letter to Senator Menendez

If you live in northern New Jersey, then you can use the letter to Senator Menendez above as our state senator, but please use the third link below to send the letter to the congress representative for your area.

Claw Back letter

If you wish to write your own letter, of course you may do so. Or, if you prefer to edit this letter, please send an email to and ask us to send you these letters in Word format and you may then edit the letter.

Lastly, a one page summary of the proposed bill, called the “Security After Sandy Act”, is shown HERE

Thank you! We must do all we can to keep Toms River taxes affordable.