Information on Upcoming Toms River Revaluation

Toms River will begin a Township wide revaluation process in September of this year. The process will carry well into 2021. The result will be a new assessment of your property and home for tax purposes. While assessments will generally go up, if the rise is Township wide, then the tax rate will come down and you may not pay more.

An outside consulting company will inspect every house and property to update the value assessments based on current market values. In order to complete this process they will inspect outside and inside your home. Our understanding is that they will make three attempts to gain access for the interior inspection. If they cannot gain access, they will complete the estimates based on their best information from prior records and Township files. Please cooperate with the company’s employees as they have a job to do and will do so with minimal interruption to your activity.

Toms River has provided the following three documents to help you understand the process:

1. Understanding-Revaluations

2. What-is-Revaluation-FAQs


Shorebeat News Article on Surf Club Mediation

At the link below is a great article published by Shorebeat on the Toms River – Surf Club mediation and negotiation which is scheduled to be held on March 5th. As a reminder, because discussions between the Township and the property owners had completely stalled, OBVTA offered to identify and fund a mediator to lead both parties in non-binding negotiation. We sincerely hope that both parties come to the mediation ready to meet somewhere in the middle

Shorebeat Article on Surf Club Mediation

Below are a couple of good recent articles about Ortley Beach and our area.

APP Story about Sunny Day Flooding in Ortley Beach

Article about the Historic Seaside Carousel


Dune Replenishment and Grass Planting Completed!

The beach and dune replenishment project appears to be complete in Ortley Beach!. Hurrah! It looks awesome. If you are not local, come and have a look at this wonderful finished project. In the spring Toms River will be adding beach mats up and over the dunes and on some portions of the beach itself to ease the looong walk to the water.