The Ortley Beach Voters and Taxpayers Association (OBVTA) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life in the Township of Toms River, NJ section known as Ortley Beach, NJ.

OBVTA has been in existence for many years. We are a local neighborhood association providing information and services to residents of Ortley Beach.

Since superstorm Sandy our membership has swelled to over 500 family and business members. We provide continuous information to our members on the rebuilding efforts since the super storm which struck us and essentially destroyed our entire community and its infrastructure. We liaise and work with Toms River, Ocean County, NJ DOT, NJ DEP, our NJ state legislators and even our US congress representatives to optimally rebuild and maintain this town. We held a rally in Trenton during May and again in Ortley Beach during July to urge the NJ DEP and the US Army Corps of Engineers to begin reconstruction and replenishment of our dunes and beaches which we so desperately need.

We hold monthly meetings on Saturday mornings at the Moose Lodge on Bay Blvd where neighbors can meet and share information — and we hold numerous social events during the year.

You can find more information on the website at “About Us”, or by attending one of our monthly meetings (see Meetings tab).

Please join our organization. Meet your neighbors, have some fun and help make Ortley Beach a better place to live and play.

Elections for the OBVTA Officers was held at the annual meeting on June 20th and the results are below. All terms are for two years. Bio’s for all candidates who were up for election can also be found below.

Vice President: Paul Jeffrey (no contest)

Secretary: Mary Ann Giordano Wallis (no contest)

The number of votes cast for three open Director at Large positions, as reported by the Secretary, were as follows:

Cathy Crisafulli: 48. Elected to 2 year term.

Toni Tomarazzo: 47. Elected to 2 year term.

Joan Strathern: 46. Elected to 2 year term.

John Clarke: 12. Thank you for running for election.

Gail D’Aminco: 10. Thank you for running for election.


A membership application form is below.

To join, please print, complete and mail the form with your annual payment of only $30.

OBVTA Membership Application-2020.

You may also join OBVTA or pay your annual dues using a credit card by using the PayPal button below. Please be sure to provide your Ortley Beach address, your best contact phone number AND your email address.

Email & Phone # Required
Ortley Beach Address Required


Bios for the candidates up for election at the June annual meeting can be found below.

Position of Vice President: Paul Jeffrey. Incumbent. Unopposed. Bio for Paul Jeffrey; OBVTA Vice Pres 2020

Position of Secretary: Mary Ann Giordano Wallis. Incumbent. Unopposed. Bio for Mary Ann Giodano Wallis; OBVTA Secretary 2020

Three positions for Director, at Large. Five candidates, listed below, for three openings.

Cathy Cris. Incumbent. Bio for Cathy Cris; OBVTA Director at Large 2020

Joan Strathern. Incumbent. Bio for Joan Strathern. OBVTA Director at Large 2020

Toni Tomarazzo. Incumbent. Bio for Toni Tomarazzo 2020

John Clarke. Challenger. Bio for John Clarke; OBVTA Director At Large 2020

Gail D’Amico. Challenger Bio for Gail D’Amico; OBVTA Director at Large 2020 ===============================================================================================

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